1. Someone once asked me 
    "As an actor, with agency
    do you enact tragedy?
    Is it something that’s planned to be?”

    I am covered with traces
    blood-red races and mazes
    touching veins, reaching places
    so I turned my two faces

    and said, “See these axes?
    This map of nexuses
    that covers my arteries
    and criss-crosses boundaries

    "is a chart of my actions,
    and in its refractions
    can be seen interactions
    with various factions

    "Some successful, others not.
    So I’ve started to plot
    every start, and every stop
    and when I work out what’s what

    "well then, I’ll be ready!
    To face any enemy
    or situation, armed with remedy
    for whatever should ail me.”

    But as I said it, I saw
    an imperfection, a flaw
    and I was laid raw
    as I gazed into that maw -

    By the time I was done
    my life’s span would run
    out, and my story would be spun:
    not a single one

    of my decisions

    could tell me where the next

    would go

  2. A brief update

    I did good things, I did bad things, but

    I never did anything out of the blue.

  3. Tumblr Round 2: The Tumblring

    Having returned to tumblr after distancing myself from it, the first thing that strikes me is how competitive it is. The nature of reblogging means that you always see the posts with hundred, if not thousands of notes, and the desire to make something that successful is enormous. 

    It also strikes me how easy it is to find yourself obsessing over note counts: that look-at-me drip feed of attention that’s so potent and that seems to be a major component in all successful social networks.

  4. Please make me better.


    Journalism. Journalism. The act of keeping a written record of feelings, thoughts, opinions. Somewhere, between the writer and the press, that personal element is all too often lost.

    This kind of thing brings it all back.



    My friends George Buckenham and Alice O’Connor kindly agreed to be written about as an introduction to my ‘embedding’ with strangers. George has been making games for years, both traditional and non-traditional; the central focus is on his outlook on games as a whole. Alice is Senior Editor for Shacknews but has more recently done design work for the sadly now disbanded Hide&Seek. They happen to live in the same flat. Both are heavily involved in setting up renowned London games & music event The Wild Rumpus. This details my week with them and the lead up to the event. All beautiful photographs of The Wild Rumpus were taken by Robin Baumgarten. The rest were taken, badly, by me.

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  6. "What is your favourite word?”
    “And. It is so hopeful."
  7. Please mind the gap

    as this service is currently undergoing a thorough change in direction.

    My current life plans are academic. I’m an archaeologist, and I love it, body and soul. I cannot, cannot describe in words the joy my degree gives me on an almost daily basis. To be surrounded, daily, by so much knowledge, to immerse myself in it and give myself up to it and spend hours, days, years devoting myself to the rush and thrill of it is a pleasure and a privilege. 

    And yet.

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  8. All Grown Up

    Not twenty minutes ago I was going through and making a wishlist of some of the nerdier boardgames out there (where there are WITCHES and DRAGONS and DICE ROLLS and somewhere along the way ADVENTURE occurs). After a childhood spent, nose pressed figuratively (and often literally) against the shop window I have been given a degree of financial freedom with which to invest in my pleasure - a very limited one, but still. I have the time and the money to indulge in fun, games, hobbies.

    Is this being an adult?

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